Itching for Spring

Flagstaff has decided that spring is going to come early, though I’m sure Flagstaff will decide it still wants it to be winter soon enough.   As I write this I’m sitting outside in the sun while Bentley rolls around in the grass that is already sprouted back.  Before moving to her favorite shady spot.  Then going back to roll in the dirt.

The good weather has made her very happy.

Quick Bentley update.  She won’t be in the next few blog posts.  She had a second knee surgery on her left hind leg to remove some gears that were jabbing painfully into her muscles.  Everything went well and her knee is thankfully stable and recovering very nicely.  However, while she recovers, she is not aloud on long walks or off the leash.  So Bentley has been a little bit of a home body this past month.

Despite Bentley’s set back, the rest of us met up with some friends for a little bit of a picnic.

We agreed to meet up at Bud Tank, a place that holds a lot of memories for the foresters.   They’ve been going to that specific location since their college days.

The weather was warm, which meant we could hang out with having to wear a ton of winter gear.  It was also muddy, making moving around the campsite limited.  However we were able to get a little fire going.  We used the fire to cook our meals.

So picnicking, with fire!


Also, the dogs were in heaven, for the most part.  They had free reign to run around in the mud, snow, and water.

Sadly, this limited the shooting the boys were hoping to do.  While some dogs don’t care about gunfire, Bentley; and others actually enjoy the idea of hunting, Diesel; other are absolutely terrified of it.

And any camping trip requires at least some form of a good card game.


Phase 10 has become more popular with our group.  We got through a few rounds in before our inability to focus set in.

Sadly, as it got darker, it was time to return home.  Despite the weather being in the 60s through out the day, it would get below freezing that night.  Plus it was time to go see Bentley had been up to during the picnic.