Outside my Comfort Zone

Sometimes you get a lucky break, and something awesome happens!  Unfortunately it came at the expense of a friend.  Marshall and I have friends, Mark and Mary, that were supposed to go to Pegosa Spring, CO for a romantic Valentine day weekend.  (#vdayweekend)  However Mary’s germy elementary students made her too sick to go, so they asked if we would like their reservations.

And they would watch the dogs for us.

So Marshall and I dropped Diesel and Bentley off for an extended play weekend with their best friend and hit the road.  I was particularly excited since we got to drive through Kayenta.

Though quickly Arizona’s desert  gave way to Colorado’s mountains.


We had never been to Pegosa Spring, and we were excited to explore the town, but Marshall had one goal in mind, to get to Wolf Creek for a day of skiing.  Marshall had grown up going on ski trips with his family.  Marshall in fact can both ski and snow board, and  had taken me on one trip before.

He snowboard, I fell while sledding…

From what I can tell, two things need to occur in nature for skiing: mountains and snow.  Chicago had plenty of the second, not so much of the first.  Plus, my mom was not a fan of heights, meaning skiing was not something that she very interested in.

I did go twice while a kid with my girl scout troop.  And one of those times I came back with a broken wrist and spent a part of 4th grade in a purple cast.  And my mom’s fear of heights seem to be setting in for me as well

However, Marshall managed to convince me, and took me to a mountain that was larger than anything I had ever experienced with boards strapped to my feet.


Not Wolf Creek btw.

I had climbed them, but not ski them.  And it was a little bit of a trial by fire…snow, sorry.  And I just about inched down the mountain that first time, after barely missing a tree.  To my dismay, all of the little kids just seemed to zip past me in their little slice  formation.  One of them actually passed me and said hi to me twice in the time it took me to get down the mountain once.

Marshall showed a lot of patience, staying with me (mostly) as I panicked and inched my way to the bottom, stopping every few minutes to catch the breath I didn’t realize I was holding.  I pretty sure the staff would see me and wonder how I was still alive.


Please leave me here in the ski lodge…

Ultimately, I’m glad I went.  I don’t think I will ever become that person that goes skiing every winter month, or every winter for that matter, but it’s something Marshall enjoys doing.  A lot of our free time has revolved around outdoor activities that we both enjoy, and I know this is one that he is particularly passionate about.


Not to mention we live very close to Snow Bowl, and Marshall has made it his mission in life to get me to ski again before the end of skiing season.

Either way, I should only get better.  At least that’s what Marshall keeps telling me.

Happy Valentine’s Day Love!


Not taken on the actual V-day btw.