Finding a Grandma approved hike…


About a month ago, I bought Hiking Northern Arizona.  It’s a book that describes hikes in the area as well as how to find them.  My friend has a copy and we had gone on some awesome hikes because of it.  On top of that, I bought the Sedona copy as well for my grandmother.

With plans to spend the long weekend in February in Sedona, I wanted her and my two cousins to begin thinking about some hikes.  My cousin Margaret, who was bitten by the hiking bug on last year’s trip to Flagstaff, chose Devil’s Bridge.

I had the good sense to test the hike before everyone came.  Now the problem with labeling hikes as “easy” or “hard” is that everyone is different.  There are also different parts to a hike.  Some parts are easy, some are hard. This one, I felt was a little misleading.

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Devil’s Bridge


Location: Outside of Sedona, AZ. Trailhead are clearly marked.

Temperature: 60s-70s!  Loving the southwest weather!

Who: Marshall and me

Difficulty: It varied, there are easy parts and there are strenuous parts

Time: 3.5 hours

So this was the thing almost tripled the length of our hike.


My little car is a Nissan Altima, and I absolutely could not make this dirt road drive.  I needed to drive about 2 miles up to it to get to the trailhead.  So, we stopped here, and started a little bit further back.


We followed the Chuckwagon Trail.  And honestly, it was a very pretty hike.  We hiked through a dry canyon , with the red rocks coming up on either side of us.  The area was wooded and well shaded.  Marshall had fun beginning the year’s sunburn early while naming all of the plants, trees, and shrubs along the way.


We passed by, and were passed by many different people.  The trail was more crowded than I’m used to.  But honestly, no surprise.  The weather was beautiful and uncommonly mild for this time of year.  It seems everyone wanted to soak in the sun while strolling around in tanks, t-shirts, and shorts. Our weather has been taunting the midwest blizzard.

As we talked to some of the other hikers, we found that many of them had thought the same thing we had, that this was going to be an easy hike.  Many people were ill prepared for the longer hike.


It was about here that we learned we had about another two miles before we even got to the trailhead….

And about an hour later…

DSC00459So we had to take a picture to celebrate completing the first half of the hike.


Our favorite pic from the hike.

At first the trail was extremely easy.  We were tricked once again.  The trail was nice and wide.  Nice and level.  And still nice and crowded with foot traffic.  Many of the local jeep tours take people to the beginning of the trail.  About two were there when we got there.


And then the climb began, and didn’t really stop.  Parts of it were easy enough like this, others were not as easy, causing us to get on all fours.  Marshall, who grew up with goats managed easily enough. I, on the other hand, hailing from the flats lands, took it a little slower.  As we climbed up, the people climbing down promised us that going up was the easier part.


Right before the second round of climbing, we stopped to take a quick picture.


And finally we made it!  Honestly, it was worth it.

Devil’s Bridge is a natural arch.  There is no river, and most of the erosion was caused by wind and rain.  Despite looking so tiny and delicate, the arch is wide and people were walking across it, taking pictures.   Just to prove they did it.

It was fun, but not recommended if you have a natural fear of heights.



By the way, the view was spectacular.  Sad I didn’t get more pictures of it.



Now it was back down, and while it was not easy, it was not bad either.   And like many of the others we hiked down from Devil’s Bridge with, we took the dirt road back home.


Over all, if you have the time and the energy I would do it!  The trail is well traveled, and honestly we were very rarely alone.  We were also very tired, and hungry.  However, not to sore in the morning.  I recommend a hot shower when you’re done.