Summer Plans

Where does the time go?  The last time I wrote it was spring of 2016, and we had big plans.  And now we’re at the summer of 2017….

Okay, so clearly we’re going to have to do some goal planning if we’re going to make this all work.  And om true Megan fashion, I’m late in planning what my goals are for the summer.  We’re one week in, but I think I can still make these goals happen.

Summer of Fun 2017 Goals

1.) 100 Miles: I’ll be returning to Navajo N.M. for work this summer again.  Last summer I got into the system a bit late, so I missed some of the challenges that my fellow park rangers created.  One of the challenges was to see who could hike 100 miles first.  It really isn’t that far of a stretch for us, and one that I’m looking forward to beginning right after the kids for the summer.

2.) Go Camping More: I didn’t camp enough last summer.  It’s a hobby that I’ve grown to adore and I just got super busy with life last summer.

3.) Backpack with Marshall at least once: In 2015 I made the goal to try backpacking for the first time in 2016 and I actually met that goal.  I did an overnight trip to Keet Seel to stay at the ranger cabin.  I went with the park so no Marshall and no dogs.  We’ll see if we can find some time to squeeze it in.

4.) Record More Memories: Flagstaff is town that easy to wander through and just enjoy the little shops and small town people.  While doing this last weekend as I was waiting for Marshall to come home from Montana, I saw a little hiking journal while walking through the Old Town Shops.  I was instantly struck by how much I like the idea of keeping a journal but I did not like the layout of the journal.

So this past year I tried my hand at bullet journaling, and it went okay… Mainly, I got used to being able to make whatever layout suited my fancy.  This mean I’m too used to having my own way to be able to work with a pre-made journal.  However, I don’t want to use the bullet journal I use to track my normal life to record the hikes and camping trips I’m going to go on this summer and beyond.  So, I’m going to create a new one to keep by my hiking and camping gear.   This way I can grab it quickly when we’re packing to go somewhere.

I found a sketch journal that was small enough and light enough for my pack and I spent a few hours looking up different hiking journals and hiking layouts.  And found that there weren’t too many up and around on pinterest.  And besides, most people wanted to make sure that there was plenty of room to sketch and jot down ideas.  So I’m going to keep the layout minimal so I do just that.